• Workshop in France
  • Salon show in Poitiers,France.
  • Workshop in Guangzhou,China
  • Won a major Award in the NWS 89th Annual
  • 1st Place work in the WAS-H 32nd Intenational
  • Won a major award in Viña del Mar Chile
  • Won the Bronze Medal in10th National Exhibition
  • featured in Watercolor Artist April 2010
  • Won in Turkey
  • Lectured in Turkish University
  • Lectured in Hong Kong


Curator and professional artist of Luohu Cultural Center,Shenzhen,China

Curator of Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial


Zhou Tianya was awarded Bachelor’s Degree from Hubei Institute of Fine Art, he taught art at Jingchu Academy of Technology after graduation. Currently he lives and paints in Shenzhen, China and works, as curator and professional artist of Luohu Cultural Center.


Tianya is an elected member of many watercolor and art societies, including the China Artists Association(CAA), American Watercolor Society(AWS), National Watercolor Society(NWS) of USA, Canadian Society of Painter in Water Colour(CSPWC) , and Honorary Member of Australian Watercolour Institute(AWI). He has won many major awards in national and international exhibitions, including the Bronze Medal Award of the 10th National Art exhibition, Excellence Award of 7th National Watercolor and Pastel Triennial Exhibition, Jack Richeson & Co. Purchase Award in the 89th Annual Exhibition and Watercolor West Reciprocal Award in the 93rd Annual Exhibition of National Watercolor Society, the First Place in the Watercolor Art Society-Houston’s 32nd International Exhibition and 2nd Place in the VII Vina del Mar Watercolor International Biennial in Chile...


His works are in numerous public and private collections in China and abroad, including those of the National Art Museum of China, Zhengzhou Museum of Art, Hubei Museum of Art, Guanlan Museum of Art, Jack Richeson & Co. in USA, the Enjoy Casino & Resort in Chile etc.


Tianya is also a well-known curator and author,editor, who has successfully organized many international events in China, including Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial and Qingdao International Watercolor Salon. He edited several books has become China's best-selling watercolor books.


The main Juried Exhibitions and Awards in Recent Years(Partial Listing):
1999,The 9th National Fine Arts Juried Exhibition /The Ministry of Culture of the P. R. China and China Artists Association/in Jiangsu Museum of Art.

2000,The 5th National Watercolor and Pastel  Juried Triennial Exhibition/ China Artists Association/in Gangdong Museum of Art.

2000,The Yaheng Cup-Nationgal Paintings(Chinese painting and watercolor) Juried Exhibition/ China Artists Association/ in Henan Museum.

2000, Golden Award-Heading for the 21st Century:Hubei Painting and Calligraphy Juried Exhibition/Hubei Artists Association/ in  Hubei Institute of Fine Art Museum.

2000, Silver Award - Hubei University Teachers' Fine Arts and Photographic Juried Exhibition/in Hubei Academy of Fine Art Museum.

2001,The First National Portain & Fiqure in Watercolor Juried Exhibition/ China Artists Association/ in the Luxun Academy of Art Museum

2004, Bronze Medal Award-10th National Fine Art Juried Exhibition/ the Ministry of Culture of the P. R. China and China Artists Association .

2004,The 2nd Li Jianhen Award-Nationgal Watercolor Juried Biennial Exhibition/ China Artists Association/ in Jiangsu Museum of Art.

2004,Golden Award - the 3rd Guangdong Watercolor Juried Triennium Exhibition/Guangdong Artists Association/ in Jiangmen City gallery.

2005,Excellent  Award- the 7th National Watercolor and Pastel Juried Triennial Exhibition/ China Artists Association/ in Guangdong Museum of Art.

2005,Golden Award-the 6th Guangdong Fine Arts & Calligraphy & Photographic Juried
Exhibition/Guangdong Artists Association/ in Longgang Artistic Center.

2006,Finalist-The Classical Fine Arts in the Past 50 Years in Guangdong Province.

2007,Finalist-The 14th Qunxin Award by the Ministry of Culture of The People's Republic of China /in Guangzhou Academy of Art Museum and Xiangfan City Gymnasium.

2007,Arts Works Juried Exhibition to Celebrate the 80th Foundation of The Chinese People's Liberation Army/The Ministry of Culture of the P. R. China /in China Museum of Art.

2007, Dalbe Award(3rd Place) - the 14th Poitiers Visual Art Juried Salon in France.

2007,Invited by the Parliament of Vienne France to Host a two artist  Watercolor Exhibition in the Parliamentary House and workshop.
2008,Zhou Tianya and Cao jianxin Watercolor Exhibition in the City of Shenzhen Art Gallery.

2009, M. Graham & Co. Merchandise Award- San Diego Watercolor Socitey's 29th International Juried Exhibition /San Diego Watercolor Socitey/ The Gallery of SDWS

2009, Jack Richeson Purchase Award-the 89th Annual Juried Exhibition of National Watercolor Society andTraveling Exhibition /National Watercolor Society USA/The Brea Art Gallery,Fallbrook Art Center,Cultural Center of Cape Cod,Zanesville Museum of Art,Kerr Arts and Cultural Center,Firehouse Arts Center

2009, First Place Award - Watercolor Art Society-Houston's 32nd Intenational Juried Exhibition‏/ Watercolor Art Society-Houston /The Gallery of WAS-H
2009,The 11th National Fine Arts Works Juried Exhibition /The Ministry of Culture of the P. R. China and China Artists Association/in Jiangsu Museum of Art.

2010,Casino de Viña del Mar Award(2nd Place)-VII Vina del Mar Watercolor International Juried Biennial  Exhibition in Chile 2009-2010/Organised by Municipalidad de Viña del Mar and Corporación Cultural de Viña del Mar.Sponsored by Enjoy Casino of Viña del Mar,Chile; and the collaboration of: "Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes"de Chile, "Casa del Arte de la Universidad de Concepción" ,"Centro Cultural "El Austral" de Valdivia and company "El Mercurio S.A.P."/Casino of Viña del Mar,Chile
2010, Merit Award - Watercolor Art Society-Houston's 33nd Intenational Juried Exhibition‏/ Watercolor Art Society-Houston /The Gallery of WAS-H
2011, Founders Award - Pikes Peak Watercolor Society's International Watermedia XVII Juried Exhibition‏/ Pikes Peak Watercolor Society /Cottonwood Center for the Arts in Colorado Springs,CO.USA.
2012, American Watercolor Society's 145th International Juried Annual Exhibition‏/ American Watercolor Society/Salmagundi Club in New York.USA.
2012, Royal Watercolour Society 21st Century Contemporary Watercolour Competition / Royal Watercolour Society / Bankside Gallery in London,UK.
2013, Dorothy J.Corson Award - the 88th Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour Open Water Exhibition
2013, National Watercolor Society 93rd Annual Exhibition.
2013, fourth International Watercolours Biennale “Vada + Farba”. Polotsk, Belarus.
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Public collections
The National Art Museum of China (NAMC) in Beijing,China
Zhengzhou Museum of Art in Zhengzhou city Henan Prov.,China
Hubei Museum of Art in Wuhan,Hubei Prov.,China
Guanlan Museum of Art in Shenzhen city Guangdong Prov.,China
Jack Richeson Collection of Fine Art in  Kimberly WI ,USA
The Enjoy Casino & Resort in Viña del Mar,Chile