• Workshop in France
  • Salon show in Poitiers,France.
  • Won a major Award in the NWS 89th Annual
  • Won the Bronze Medal in10th National Exhibition
  • featured in Watercolor Artist's Cover
  • Won in Turkey
  • Lectured in Turkish University
  • Zhou Tianya in Studio
  • RI Diploma



Curator and Professional Artist of Luohu Cultural Center.China National Second-class Artist.

Curator and Organizer of ShenzhenInternational Watercolour Biennial Exhibition.


Elected Member,Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours,UK(RI).

Elected Member,China Artists Association(CAA)

Signature Member,American Watercolor Society(AWS)

Signature Member,National Watercolor Society, USA(NWS)

Elected Member,Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour(CSPWC)

Honorary Member,Australian Watercolour Institute(AWI)


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Zhou Tianya was born in May1973 in Jingzhou city Hubei province, China, he was awarded Bachelor’s Degree from Hubei Institute of Fine Art, currently he lives and paints in Shenzhen and works as a curator and Professional artist  of Luohu Cultural Center by the Government, also as curator and organizer of Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial Exhibition.

Tianya is an elected member of many watercolor and art societies, including Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours(RI),UK, China Artists Association (CAA), American Watercolor Society (AWS), National Watercolor Society(NWS) of USA, Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC), and Honorary Member of Australian Watercolour Institute(AWI).

He has won many major awards in national and international exhibitions, including the Bronze Medal Award in the 10th National Arts Exhibition of the Ministry of Culture of the China, Excellence Award in the 7th National Watercolor and Pastel Exhibition of China Artists Association, The Debra Manifold Memorial Award of 206th Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours Exhibition, Morris J.Shubin, AWS.Memorial Award and Mary S.Litt Memorial Medal in the American Watercolor Society 148th -149th International Exhibition, Jack Richeson & Co. Purchase Award, Watercolor West Reciprocal Award and Jerry’s Artarama Award in the 89th, 93rd , 94th Annual Exhibition of National Watercolor Society, Dorothy J.Corson Award, Carl Schaefer Award ,Heinz Jordan Award in the 88th ,91st,92nd Open Water Exhibition of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, the First Place in the Watercolor Art Society-Houston’s 32nd International Exhibition, the Second Place in the VII Vina del Mar Watercolor International Biennial Exhibition in Chile,The Debra Manifold Memorial Award in the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours 206th Exhibition,UK. etc

Tianya is also an International judge for many of the world’s leading watercolor competitions including American Watercolor Society’s 149th International Exhibition, 4th -5 th International Biennial Prize “Marche d’Acqua” Fabriano Watercolor in Italy etc.

His works are in numerous public and private collections in China and abroad, including those of the National Art Museum of China, Zhengzhou Museum of Art, Hubei Museum of Art, Guanlan Museum of Art, Jack Richeson & Co. in USA, Enjoy Casino & Resort in Chile, National Watercolour Museum in Mexico etc.

Tianya is also a well-known curator and author, who has successfully organized many international Exhibition and events in China,he edited several books that have become among China's best-selling watercolor books. His art articles and works also are featured in some international leading magazines, including Watercolor Artist(USA), The Artist Magazine(USA), The Art of Watercolour(France), International Artists (USA), The Artist (U.K.) etc.




Watercolor has sometimes been called a non-serious art genre in the West. In the East, watercolor is also a “light music” or a minor painting style. I hope to break the headlock. As a realistic painter of all traditional subjects, e.g. portrait, My aesthetic goal is that my watercolor can also be the symphony, which not only has personal particular style, but also maintains the uniqueness of the watercolor language. 

My Painting Subjects: In 1997, I was still an art instructor who taught art at Jingchu Academy of Technology. I organized my students to visit the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture for the first time. The trip made a huge impact on me and it has been influencing me even today. I found my painting subject in that moment.


To be one of over 10 million people who live in Shenzhen, the modern city, same as many other Chinese, I am trapped by the tide of the booming economy. The materialistic demanding, the debauchery, the high pressure, and the fast pace of city life make everyone exhausted. If you are seeking a place where there is no hustle and bustle, or luxury and dissipation, then here it is, Tibet. Being the last piece of uncontaminated pure land, Tibet still maintains the original environment and authentic native culture. I am not only fascinated by the uniqueness of its grand, majestic, yet rough landscape, but also charmed by its brilliant traditional culture. Regardless how tough the survival condition is, how much they lack goods and materials, the Tibetans always keep their peaceful and happy lifestyle. I believe it is from their devotion of religion, which is tough for us, the atheists, to understand, but envied by us at the same time. The Tibetan’s kindness and unsophisticatedness touched my heart deeply, and urged me to paint.


There are always a lot of paradoxes between the economic development and the maintenance of the environment and traditional culture. It is so sad to see that following the massive modernization through construction and development, and the erosion of the so-called “contemporary civilization” the ecological environment and the native culture are being destroyed. Therefore, I am recording the vanishing traditional Tibetan culture.